Functional Tests

Is further information needed to assess your health?

I have access to a wide range of functional tests and can organise these for you if further information is needed to assess your health.

This information can be helpful as a baseline and if it will influence treatment focus. Costs vary depending on the test.

Some of these tests include:

  • DUTCH Test (Comprehensive Hormone Profile including Adrenal/Stress Hormones)
  • SIBO Breath Test (Digestive and other health issues)
  • OAT Organic Acids Test to assess various aspects of the body’s metabolism
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis (Digestive and other health issues)
  • Range of Blood Tests (Labtests)
  • Hair Analysis Test for mineral status and levels of toxic metals
  • ALCAT Food Intolerance Test
  • IgA, IgE and IgG Allergy and Food Sensitivity Tests.

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